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What I Do

I HELP men and women throughout Katy, Texas achieve 10 to 30 pounds of fat loss, gain more energy and confidence. EVEN IF, you have a limited schedule and are busy attending to your family, kids, work and other high priorities. Contact me today for a FREE consultation, no obligation, it’s completely free.

One of My Favorite Client Stories

stephen loses 30 pounds of fat and gains 23 pounds of muscle, katy, texas, tx

Meet Stephen a former United States Navy man came in  looking for help. After we went over his initial assessment and game planned the training program and nutrition plan we got started. Over the next few months, Stephen dropped 16% of his weight from body fat and earned 23 lbs of muscle for this amazing transformation.

His goal was to be able to fit into his Navy uniform from his early 20's.

We reached his goal 2 weeks before schedule and he couldn't be any happier. At 52 and looking so awesome! I love to see people get results like this. OH! AND did I mention he is a cancer survivor and has been through CHEMOTHERAPY AND MULTIPLE surgeries! One including part of his spine fused and restricting certain types of movements. We worked around the injuries and strengthen his weaknesses. He is now pain-free from the knees, lower back and shoulders. Imagine that!

He is now on a simple and strategic way of eating so he may keep the results he worked hard for and maintain as long as he'd like.


What I Want For You

I want you to look amazing in the clothes you want to wear. I will take you by the hand and walk you through on how to get fat off and keep it off with simple proven strategies. The results will build your confidence to the max. I don't know anyone that doesn't want to look better and feel better every day.

If this is you and you want to make some serious changes but don't know how. Come see me. Let's talk. If I can't help you I will point you in the right direction to someone that will.

Helping people is a passion of mine and I take what I do very serious.

Consider me a friend in your journey. I'm here to help you achieve success.

What To Expect

As a Certified Personal Trainer with a passion for weight loss, physical fitness, boxing, nutrition, athletic performance, vitality, health, strength and conditioning. I strive to give you the best experience possible! Whether you feel better, sleep better, build muscle, lose weight or clothes fitting looser. You will get results! You will feel healthy, more energetic and lose weight in no time. I love what I do. I wake up every morning looking forward to helping others.

I believe there is no one style fits all. So, I have taken a combination of different styles and built unlimited training protocols. This allows me to build a very specific scientifically proven method to get you to your goals. You can't beat experience and science. The data proves it.

Below are a few the different styles I use in a combination to get you the best results possible.

- High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.)
- Body Building
- Body Reshaping and Toning
- Boxing / Muay Thai conditioning
- Strength Training
- Speed / Agility Training
- Core Training
- Boot Camp Training
- Flexibility / Mobility
- Weight Training
- Cardiovascular Training

The combination will depend on your ability to perform each type training. If you have limitation. Don't worry. Remember, I will design a program specific for you, no one else, just you.

My weight was an issue growing up even though I played soccer, baseball, and basketball. Over the last decade, I made it a mission to learn the ins and outs of fitness, nutrition and how the body works. To put it into perspective I have accumulated over 10+ years in the fitness industry and this not including the many years involved with sports to bring you the best information to dominate your health and fitness goals. By figuring out what works and what does not so you don't have to spend years experimenting on yourself. I will provide you will with all the shortcuts (strategies) needed to get you to your goals quickly and as safe as possible.

One of my key focuses is nutrition. It can be so frustrating to work so hard and not see the results you want, I know because it happened to me growing up. The biggest factor of the constant fluctuation in my weight was my choices in food. That's when I said enough is enough and I buried my head in every book, article, and any piece of lecture, to figure out how to get this fat off the right way and keep it off.   What I have learned over the last decade is being very strategic with nutrition makes a huge impact in the how I design programs. It's not about just eating plain bland food that everyone hates. It's about education and knowing how to make strategic mindful choices when it comes to food. By using proven scientific methods combined with the many years of experience working with a wide range of clients to boost your metabolism and melt that fat away. You will be provided a custom nutrition meal plan or guidelines to keep you on track. My meal plans can focus on getting you ready for a competition (physique or sporting event), the beach, a special occasion or if you just want to make some healthy lifestyle changes while fitting the clothes you want. Waking up every day feeling awesome is what I want you to earn. Everything that is earned is worth it.

I hope the next person I help is you!

If you find it hard to lose weight and need some real guidance. Let's talk. I'm excited and so should you be to take this journey to a new version of yourself.

Looking forward to meeting you,


personal trainer in katy tx

Get signed up for a Free full evaluation today. It's totally Free. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Dental hygienist, single, mother of 2 loses 12 lbs of body fat

Lorena M. - Katy,TX

"I've had experience with a handful of trainers and was looking for an overall well-rounded trainer with professionalism, motivation, and knowledge on not only fitness but also nutrition and living healthy. I have been extremely satisfied with not only the vast array of knowledge, and results but also the ongoing optimism he has on life. I am thankful for the extra push I was needing and the positive every to stay on track. The experience has been priceless, rewarding, and motivating to stay persistent in achieving my goals."

Business owner, married, father of 1 loses over 100 pounds of fat over 12 month period

Ryan B. - Cypress,TX

"It's crazy what you can do only in 1 years time. I went years without the proper guidance and direction. So I decided enough was enough and I decided I definitely needed a trainer that has the experience and knowledge. I met with Edwin and we sat down from the beginning and put together and muscle gain and fat loss program together. After that I just followed exactly what the plan said and did what I was told. I couldn't be any happier with my results. I feel amazing. My clothes fits and I catch my wife checking me out.





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 Looking for a personal trainer in the Katy, TX area.  We are RESULTS driven.




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Looking for a group training class in Katy, TX. We are RESULTS driven.




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Burn fat from anywhere on planet fast and safe. Try it.


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